Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma UPDATE 2 BONE BIOPSY!!!!!

Ok Folks just got a call from my doctor and it appears they have isolated the type of cancer I have… It is called “Non Hodgkin Ana-plastic Large cell Lymphoma”

I am told the survival rate is very good and they have (so they say) a standard procedure of Chemotherapy which I will start as soon as the oncologist at University of MD Medical Center agrees with what they found here locally.

Please click the link below to learn more if you wish.  BOY ITS NICE TO BE CLOSE TO A TREATMENT (-:

Talk to you all soon,


Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


6 thoughts on “Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma UPDATE 2 BONE BIOPSY!!!!!

  1. I have never prayed so hard for anything as I have for you and Cherish. Please keep us posted and Know that you have all positive karma and thoughts coming your way.

    Kathy Liapis

  2. Keith – this is what I have been fundraising for 6 years to help find a cure. Please contact the LLS - they will be able to provide you with info and help you connect with other people going through the same thing. I am here for you and Cherish if you need anything…Thought and Prayers are with you!!!

  3. Keith,
    My Mom had lymphoma and did the Rituxin treatments and she’s cancer free for years now. (The referenced Wikipedia article states that’s the usual treatment, so I’m under the impression that’s the route you’re taking?) I remember that during the treatments she felt very, very cold. (Dress warm for treatments?) But with each treatment she improved over time. As I understand it, the Rituxin gives a giant blast of immunity building substance (antibodies?). Sorry I don’t remember the correct terminology. Good luck and my prayers are with you and your family. Godspeed on your path to healing.

  4. Hey Keith,

    Your diagnosis is the same one my father-in-law had 20+ years ago. His only complaint today is that he can’t do what he used to. He will be 80 in July. I wish I could do some of the stuff he does!!
    As always, you guys are in our prayers. Let me know when you are ready to come do dinner and go shooting. Cathy G.

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