Bone Biopsy Complete

Went to the hospital for the BONE BIOPSY today and I am pleased to say that it all appeared to go very well semi awake for the procedure and they do it in the CT room to make sure they are pointed in the right area.  The Dr. was great, all the staff was great (and the food wasn’t bad either)… So the earliest I would get results would be Tuesday and the latest should be Friday….  So the old saying “hurry up and wait”

I am sure that all the fantastic thoughts, emotions, and thoughtful prayers from so many people (a ton I don’t even know) has made this whole ordeal better than it could be… Thank you,  Keith


Bone Biopsy Procedure Scheduled

Hello All,

I will be having a bone biopsy this Friday.  This should determine (hopefully) what the deal is and we can move forward with a diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible.   From what I am told this is done with heavy sedation and they will use a needle to remove the samples.  I will learn more Friday morning and will update the Blog as soon as I am able.

MRI Update

Had the MRI today and it basically confirmed what was seen on the PET scan.  So the next step will be for a samples (biopsy) to be taken to find out exactly what we have.  There are two areas on the spine of great concern to everyone.  Based on the Doctors discussion I will assume I will be in the hospital (out patient procedure) Monday or Tuesday.  The blood test they did last week did come back negative for AGGRESSIVE BONE CANCER but there isn’t really just a blood test for cancer… So people are still scratching their heads…

In addition a sample will also be taken of the mass in the bladder…  Meeting with the Urologist tomorrow to discuss in more detail how they want to proceed.

Based on the pending diagnosis I have been looking for facility’s that specialize in cancer, here is the short list…

University of Maryland, John Hopkins, NIH, MD Anderson (TX) and Sloan Kettering (NY)  We will continue to take this all day to day and see what happens.

Once again if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for your continued support and prayers,


MD Anderson:

John Hopkins:

University of Maryland Medical System:

Bone Cancer – Alternative Cancer Treatments

Initial Comments

Treating bone cancer, or cancer that has spread to the bones, is a very difficult task. First of all, the bone cancer itself must be dealt with. Secondly, with bone cancer the bones become very brittle and it is critical to keep the bones strong.

It can be extremely dangerous for a vertebrae to break, not only because of its location, but because of the severe mental trauma to the patient caused by such a break.

Surprisingly enough, there are several minerals that can greatly enhance the use of calcium supplements in strengthening the bones!!

Two of the most common supplements to add to calcium are are:

1) strontium, the natural trace mineral (NOT the man-made radioactive substance),

2) magnesium

If you look at a periodic table of the elements, magnesium is just above calcium and strontium is just below calcium.

Here are three links to articles that mention strontium:,5736.html

However, there is a superb book which says that silica may be another excellent thing to take. The book is called:

Biological Transmutation

via Bone Cancer – Alternative Cancer Treatments.

PET Scan results

ok as most of you know during my other health issues the radiologists saw some things in my lungs and bladder that needed further investigation.  A NORMAL CT scan was not the best way to see what they needed to see… So the did a PET Scan… The short story to a PET Scan is that “bad Cells like cancer” love sugar so they attach the nuclear radiation to sugar in the mix and inject it in the patient.   The bad cells will suck up the sugar (and nuclear material) which in turn lights up brite on the scan pictures… The brighter the spots the worse off you most likely are.

Well my lungs and bladder were DARK they did not absorb any of the nuclear stuff so the  cells they saw on the CT scan are not cancer.  The mass in the bladder will still need to be dealt with but at this point it’s just a mass that should not be a cancer threat

But as with Murphy’s law the Pet scan material has gone to my lower spine and lit it up like a christmas tree so there is something going on there that needs further review.  There is a blood test that they are conducting now that if  this is aggressive bone cancer it will show in the blood and I have two MRI’s scheduled for Thursday the 22nd.

I will update you once I hear about the blood test as that should come back prior to the MRI’s being done…

Things could be worse and as most of you know I am a fighter and I don’t give up!

I will need to start gaining the 60lbs back that I have lost over the last several months but I am having no problem starting a weight gain diet that includes lots of calories and carbs…